About us

Welcome to Meghraj Memorial B.Ed College, a College that promotes sound values, self-discipline, motivation and excellence. We strongly believe that every child is a winner and must be cherished and nurtured with utmost gentleness and understanding. We are convinced that each child is unique and must be given the opportunity to wonder, explore, think, create, express and bloom. With us, children grow together in a world of joy and fun-filled learning. Together, they learn, share, face and fight the challenges and travails of childhood as they transit to adult years. Gradually they are equipped with knowledge and 21st century skills that will hold them in good stead all their lives even while they remain rooted in culture, heritage and values. So the aim which we had planned is to ensure that all students must take part in academics sporting, culture, and have encountered all high expectations of co-operation, enthusiasm, conduct, tolerance, consideration for others till high motivation. Our college record is excellent and we are equally proud of our outstanding record of academic activities. We are proud of our infrastructure facilities, our team of dedicated professionals and an array of co-curricular activities. We are also focused on building principle-centered lives, where courtesy, respect, human dignity, services and quality, make our school different. Core values are embedded in Meghraj uniquely, integrated and exciting curriculum which constantly stimulates the young minds. These values are the guiding light in our entire personal, professional and curriculum transactions. Most importantly, we realize that learning is an exciting journey travelled together by the child, the parent and the college.

“These are two lasting bequests we can give our children: One is roots, the other is wings.”- Hodding Carter

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